Thursday, August 28, 2008

made from love

this piece was for a show at
The Bronx Museum Project Space
called, 'Made From Love' back in February.
it was basically an all couples show, and
all the writers and artists were either
dating or married.---
Acet, Andreis Costa, Alex Neroulias, Amor, Cap, Ces, Clark, Col, Cope, Diva, Drust, ©EllisG, Esther Sanchez, Erotica 67, Ewok, Fever, Flo Shapiro, Gabriel Garcia, Ghost, Indie, Jes One, Ka, KEL1st, Kem 1, Kool, Kurse, Lauren Adelman, Luz, Med, Madge One, Ovie, Peak, Rath, Ribz, Shiro, SMK, Seik, Sest, Serp, Sife, Smash, Sergio Perez, Swoon, T-Kid, Themo, Tracy 168, Veng, Yes, and Zori were some of the artist featured at the show.
all paired off.

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