Thursday, December 4, 2008

Interview with Jonny

When was the first time you realized you liked to draw?
jonny: i've always liked to draw. ive been drawing since i was
two years old. its as natural as walking for me. its
a necessity for me.

Who are some of your favourite artists/illustrators?
jonny: its a difficult question to answer. i love so many artists
fo so many reasons, i dont need a favorite. no one does. but lately, ive really been enjoying the work of various french impressionist painters, like Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Whats your favorite medium to use?
jonny: i currently enjoy recording music. im not nearly as experienced making music,
so there's a bigger challenge, theres more for me to explore
which makes its fun. drawing with ink feels really good too.

So whats a normal day in your life like?
jonny: well, i work my 9 to 5 during the week, and occasionally
spend time with my girlfriend/friends, and sometimes if im lucky, i get to work on some art.

What are your favorite things to draw?
jonny: i really enjoy drawing mouths.

Read anything good latley?
jonny: im currently reading 'the tree of life' by israel regardie.

How do you kick back and relax when you're not working?
jonny: lately i spend my spare time at the local arcade playing fighting games, or watching a good film.

whats your favorite color?
jonny: im not a big fan of favoritism. i have a favorite color
for each day of the week.

do you have a favorite book?
jonny: no.

where's your favorite place to be ?
jonny: i like the city of austin. ive been living here for alittle over a year, its great.

Favorite drug?
jonny: hahaha

Are there any projects you'd love to work on but don’t have the chance to
or nobody has asked you to do yet?
jonny: ...i feel that it's all a matter of me completing my work, and motivating myself. that's the double edged sword of being an artist i guess. im my own boss, and sometimes i just want to sit around and be lazy. but that's not good for anybody.

Can you tell me about some artists or something interesting that I should know about?
jonny: yeah, listen to my friends, twin sister!

finish this sentence:

when i_dont know_i like to _learn_.

bicycles are_better than automobiles.__

there ought to be more_bicyclists_

if i could_go back in time_I would__have tried a little harder in school_.

Thanks for the interview.

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