Friday, February 26, 2010


Mighty Tanaka is excited to present Year of the Head Chakra, a 3D art show featuring the neo-psychedelic vision of Lionel Guzman, Ed Shawn Herrera and Reginald Pean. Providing 3D glasses for all viewers of the exhibition, the artwork can be equally appreciated either with or without the polarized lens. Prepare to enter a dream-like state of enhanced consciousness by exploring the depth and details of their meditative form of art.

Year of the Head Chakra encourages the viewer to take a longer look at the art, appreciating the qualities that the artists achieve in both the second and third dimensions. Through utilizing colorful and contrasting tones, they create an effect that blurs the lines of reality.

Blending a number of various styles and techniques through different mediums, Year of the Head Chakra is the new incarnation of the psychedelic revolution.


Lionel Guzman
Ed Shawn Herrera
Reginald Péan

3D glasses will be provided for all!

(Freakout afterparty To Be Determined!!)

Friday, March 19, 2010 - 6:00PM-9:00PM, and closing April 10, 2010

Mighty Tanaka Studio
68 Jay St., Suite 416 (F Train to York St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Hours: M-F 12PM to 7PM, weekends by appointment only
Office: 718.596.8781

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