Monday, May 17, 2010

camera phone blownout.

Quality time with art curators.

Metal mace with retractable studded ball and chain.


mr. cool.

i designed this one.

and this one too.

Lionel and I both worked on this design.

We saw this mini car before we hopped on the train to head to the zoo- then it broke down, then 2 skaters automatically came and pushed the mini car until it started up again. There was a couple in that mini car, i think they were going grocery shopping.

this bat cave had over 1o,00 bats. you can't see them though they all
were moving nonstop at supersonic speed.

pineapple, bacon, mushroom pizza.
chubzy wubzy.

battle royale for the title.

equivalent to .7 grams dry weight.
uplifting sativa based medicine.


loute313 said...

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